Monday, 14 January 2013


A function is continuous
if you can draw it
without taking your pencil off the page
and there are no sharp corners

It is an accurate, and dull, description

Imagine it as a rollercoaster
in which, once strapped in, you do not die

Or a waterslide that does not leak,
nor hurtle you into space

Perhaps continuity is metal rails
fastened in parallel by wooden boards
and Donkey Kong speeds along it
with the sweet assurance
he will not fall into pits
nor crash into right angles

When the evil lizards chase him
down the long and lonely mine
he prays for continuity

And when the terrors come to visit
in the cold and silent night
they come as floor and ceiling,
piecemeal or absolute,
and his sleep-scream shakes the earth

or it is just pencils on paper
that only bend in curves

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