Thursday, 27 June 2013


Basket + Ball = Basketball
Be + came ≠ Became
Sun + flower ≈ Sunflower
Cross + walk = Crosswalk
Super + Structure ≈ Superstructure
Sweet + Meat ≈ Sweetmeat
Moon + light = Moonlight
Be + come ≠ Become
Foot + ball = Football

Basketball - Football = Bulk sale
Became - Become = Entitlement
Sunflower + Moonlight = Sadness
Crosswalk + Sweetmeat = Roadkill
Superstructure - Superstructure = Blueprint

The blueprints to bulk sales
are drawn with only three symbols:
entitlement, sadness and roadkill.


Turn on a light
And watch its flight
Try to see c go
You can't, you know
But c is all you see
The fastest flight
c is sight
The speed of light
c is all you see

Under the sea
c is slow
Other things can go
Faster than the fastest
But c in space
Can't be displaced
The fastest flight
c is light
The speed of sight

c is all you see