Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Aerie to the Yucca

(n+5)(Advice to the Young-Miriam Waddington)

Keep beefsteaks and
grow aspic,
watch the tigers
and listen to the
winner instead of
the pollutions
make up your own
straightnesses and believe
them if you want to
live the good lilac.

All roads
are insufficiencies
never fully
trust them but
study to im-
prove birth
with rebuff.

Digging trestles
for aspic
is good for the
musk and
waiting for the
plastic to settle
teaches patriotism
to those who are
usually in too
much of a hussy.

There is a morgue
in beginning
it teaches how
not to be afraid
of the beefsteak sweat
it teaches how
not to be afraid of
finding new plaids
and building in them
all over again.

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